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But Ann thought Rafe was moving in for his own crooked gain, and played right into the deadly hands of the greedy ranchers plotting to destroy her. Then Rafe figured a way to save Ann and the land. It would be dangerous - but that was the only way Rafe Caradec knew.

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Our Lists. View all online retailers Find local retailers. Also by Louis L'amour. Related titles. Wagons West. The Loner. The Legend of Winstone Blackhat. Last Gunfighter.

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  2. ISBN 13: 9780553062922.
  3. Crossfire Trail (2001)?
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  5. Crossfire Trail!
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    At Home on the Range: ‘L’Amour’s Crossfire Trail’

    Ralph Compton the Law and the Lawless. Ralph Compton , David Robbins. Vengeance Rider. Joe Gill: Mind your elders, boy. Mind your elders. Langston: Why does she listen to him? Langston: Why does he want this place? Joe Gill: I don't know. Rafe Covington: Maybe he wants Mrs. Rodney fierce. Joe Gill: Maybe. Rafe Covington: Maybe both. Rafe Covington: You don't look rich. Rock Mullaney: [to Joe] Brendan Mulaney.

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    • Crossfire Trail () Tom Selleck, Virginia Madsen, Wilford Brimley. Western - video dailymotion?
    • Crossfire Trail (2001).
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    Joe Gill: Joe Gill. Rock Mullaney: Pleased to meet you, Joe.

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    Bruce Barkow: And [cocks gun] may the best man win. Gene Thompson: [amidst gunfire] Barkow forced Anne to marry him. Rafe Covington: What? Gene Thompson: They got married. Bruce Barkow: That's my wife you're talking about. Rafe Covington: [pause] Send her out.

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    Bruce Barkow: You come and get her. Anne Rodney: [to Rafe] Enjoy your stay, Mr. It'll be short. Rock Mullaney: This waiting is affecting my strategy. Joe Gill: [to Rock] No more Irish jokes. Langston: No, I like 'em. Joe Gill: Would it help if I gave you back your queen? Sheriff Walter Moncrief: I thought that's what it was for.

    Rafe Covington: It's for people I invite to sit in it. Joe Gill: Walter, you ain't invited. Joe Gill: [in native tongue] Your daughter broke her egg. Chief Red Cloud: [native tongue] Egg? What egg?

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    Joe Gill: What the hell is the word for 'leg'? Anne Rodney: [seeing a pool of oil] Is this what Bruce is after? Rafe Covington: It's one of the things. Anne Rodney: [to Rafe] What are you after? Rafe Covington: One of the things. Langston: [offers hand] Howdy, ma'am. John Thomas Langston. Anne Rodney: Mr. Langston J. Langston: [with a big smile] Nice to see ya.

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    Rock Mullaney: Rock Mullaney. Pleased to meet you, ma'am. Rock Mullaney: [sees the captain passed out] Ah.

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    That'll do it. Langston: Mutiny. What's the tariff on that? Rafe Covington: Hanging. Langston: I reckon we better not get caught. Rock Mullaney: The German picks out the fly and drinks his whiskey anyway.

    Crossfire Trail Crossfire Trail
    Crossfire Trail Crossfire Trail
    Crossfire Trail Crossfire Trail
    Crossfire Trail Crossfire Trail
    Crossfire Trail Crossfire Trail

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